Not so tactful pregnancy comments:

Early in my pregnancy a woman at the store was trying to be tactful but desperately wanted to talk to me about my baby bump. She finally gained the courage to ask- "Is there something in there?" Some-THING?

Wearing a somewhat unflattering but very comfortable maternity skirt
I was asked: "Is that the only thing that fits you now?"

I was training several 19-20 year old girls at work. When they saw a picture of me pre-pregnancy they all argued: "That is NOT you!"

This is no joke- I was walking out to my car to go to lunch and a fill in the blank man said to me: "That's not mine is it?"

Wearing a light shade of orange I was told "You look like a creamsicle"

"Must be just a couple weeks[until the baby's due]?" More like 9 weeks left at the time.

And my recent personal favorite-Man in the elevator looks at me and says: "You are way pregnant!"


Mykell said...

just wait until you are holding your newborn and someone asks when you are due. Some people, the world is full of them. That's ok I think you look great and there is nothing prettier then a pregnant women.

Lundell said...

That fourth one...oh my gosh!!! I once had an older lady roll her eyes and shake her head at me like I was some knocked-up teenager! I think you look great:)

Heather said...

I think people need to come back to "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all".... you will laugh at the whole situation once you are out of it :)

Liz Hymas said...

Sarah, it's okay, hang in there, those type of people are everywhere and if they aren't commenting on your pregnancy, they are TOUCHING your pregnancy. Just wait until a member of your bishopric comes up to you and says, "Hey chubby!"

Heather Marlene said...

I've heard a lot of stuff too... the thing that bothers me though is people you don't even know come up and start rubbing your belly! I need my personal space people! well, congrats on being closer to done than I am!

Jessica Emily said...

People never cease to amaze me with their impressive lack of intelligence.
I am quite sure you look phenom.
And soon it will all be worth it!

Shay said...

You already know my opinion on people who feel they have to say things like some of these. Can't wait for this little man to come!! and I can't wait to see you...it feels like it's been forever.

meredith* said...

YES! why is it socially acceptable to say WHATEVER you want to a pregnant person? i got, "are you trying to go into labor?" as i was climbing a flight of stairs 10 weeks from my due date. or, "you haven't had that baby yet?!!" when i was 4 days overdue. i wanted to scream, "sorry my being overdue is so hard on YOU." i needed to get that out. ahem.