Baby on the Brain

Lately I have been way too busy to blog. Between a calling in Young Womens, working full time as a manager (including recent traveling), and a continuing part time schedule doing hair, I am usually pretty swamped. My favorite thing to do right now is prepare, plan, and ponder the upcoming arrival. I am currently working on the nursery and have made a few clothing purchases along with a jogging stroller. I have also felt the sudden need to get my house in place and hope to have everything perfect (lol) by the time the baby is born.


Mykell said...

Hey, I am glad that you found us, we have been blogging for a few months. It has been fun, we get to keep up with Aaron over in Iraq and he can keep up with us here. Boys are great fun, we will see if they are still fun with three in the house. I am sure all the boys in our little ward will be great friends, they are outnumbered, everyone is getting girls. We will have to get together some day at let them play.

Lauren and Christopher said...

Hey Sarah my # is 4039327 do call we would love to have you guys over

Liz Hymas said...

Cute blog Sara! Good luck on your baby, we will keep in touch!