Luck of the Irish

20 years ago my family ran into some real good "luck". My dad had been single and raising my little brother and I for about a year. He knew we would need a mom, and he would need a wife, so he was brave enough to get out into the dating world and find my mom. They were married on March 17th 1989. So as they celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary I just wanted to weigh in on the celebration and let them know how much I love and admire both of them.

Dad- I'm glad you were strong enough to date again.

I'm glad you felt the need to complete our family and followed your heart.

Mom- I admire you for agreeing to marriage as a whole package deal. If you took dad you would have to take us too, which meant automatic motherhood and a complete loss of time alone.

I do NOT consider you to be a step-mother, because you have proven to be absolutely nothing like any Cinderella stories, and frankly I don't like the term when it comes to you.

And where would I be without the rest of our family that came as result of your decision?
(Don't even want to think about it.)
I love you both more than I can express and wish you a very happy 20th. We're all so LUCKY to have you.