Pink in the Rink

Trav and I attended the Utah Grizzlies' hockey game with some friends. Once a year the Grizzlies color the ice pink and wear pink jerseys for Breast Cancer awareness. This year, $18,000 was raised for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. After the 1st period of the game I leaned over to Trav and asked "When is half-time?" As soon as the question passed over my lips and echoed in his ear, he turned and STARED at me in utter disbelief.

Let me pause for a moment and take you back to 2004. Trav and I had just began getting to know each other. We were engaging in what might be considered a pre-dating interview, sitting on the likes of two crappy kitchen bar stools in his Provo apartment. The conversation went something like this:

Travis: "Yeah, I played hockey for Weber State University."

Sarah: {trying to be cool and impressive} "Oh really? My dad played hockey, I grew up with it."

Travis: {eyebrows raised thinking he might be in to me even more knowing that I "understood" the whole hockey thing.} "My dad played hockey too, he coached our Weber team"

The plot thickens as we come to find out that our dads totally knew each other and they played together on a competition hockey team in high school. One of my first real dates with Trav was to a Weber hockey game followed by ice skating. I was more than impressed by his mad ice skating skills. He could practically skate backwards with his eyes closed. I think he was impressed that I could actually stay up on skates without falling down.

Cue back to the Grizzlies' hockey game- I could sense Trav's disappointment in me for asking about half-time which is non-existant in hockey. {Sorry Dad.} For those of you who don't know, hockey has 3 periods with a 20 minute intermission between each period.

Bad News: After 23 years of hockey exposure I still don't really pay attention to the rules.
The Good News: The Grizzlies ended up winning by 1 point after overtime and a shoot out.


Heidi said...

sarah haha you're so funny!!

greenhornet said...

You Forgot to mention your connection with Bobby Orr and oh by the way Trav I did try to teach her better.

Josh and Cali said...

Sarah! I died laughing- that is so funny. I can just imagine you asking that and Trav just about dying...Gotta love it!! and glad you guys had fun.

Heather said...

my brother has played hockey religiously for 15 years... i still don't have a clue about the sport, rules, or half-time :)

Williamson's said...

You know that is something I would totally ask:) I love hearing 'when sarah met travis' stories!

Viewmont High '03 said...

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