Halloween Favorites and Flashbacks

I love fall. I love pulling out the sweaters {see favorable example above} and the gorgeous weather it provides. I love the colors. One of my favorite parts of the season happens to be Halloween. Maybe it's a kids holiday...but I still love it. I have so many fond memories of Halloween holidays. When my siblings and I were little we used to wear Halloween shirts to school. We were so stoked to wear our glow in the dark haunted house sweatshirts and ever so festive Halloween socks.

{Notice the matching Halloween bow}

Our house was decked with cut-out decorations that looked something like this:

{These decorations are now considered "vintage" and can be purchased on ebay.}

Our favorite flick was Hocus Pocus. We basically had it memorized.

Once I got older I moved on to bigger and better flicks...such as a full T.V. marathon of the "Halloween" movies. I still think that Mike Meyers is the scariest movie character ever.

{I opted not too include a picture because it's way too scary}

I usually made an annual Haunted House trip. Rocky Point was my favorite one, so I was disappointed when they ended up calling it quits. I like being scared for the most part but usually can't handle the chain saws.

I definitely have a sweet tooth which is always well taken care of (maybe a little too much) around the end of October. My ultimate favorite Halloween treat and tradition is Caramel Apples. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I prefer the Key Lime Pie apple.

My mom used to make pumpkin sugar cookies and we decorated them every year. I remember Arctic Circle square pumpkins with Halloween flashlights, and trick or treating with my pillow case. Last of all I definitely enjoy carving pumpkins as well as dressing up. I would love for anyone to share a fun or different Halloween tradition. Leave a comment!


Leah and Mike said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of you and your siblings!! That is too funny. And that Carmel Apple looks so good!!

Shay said...

Unfortunately I know you were being sarcastic about BINGO :(

-k- we had that exact witch cut out growing up! Autumn is my favorite too & we're going to have to make caramel apples one of these nights. aaron & i make them every year, as well as caramel corn balls(but this is a huge task because we "have" to make the caramel from scratch).

greenhornet said...

Stop Eating so Much Candy You'll MAke Yourself Sick.


Shelley said...

Fall is my absolute favorite! I love the smell, and the chilly mornings, but warm afternoons, and I love the food that we get to make and eat in the Fall! Homemade Chili and Scones, YUM!
Hope to see you soon!

Jessica Emily said...

I love the picture of you and your halloween clothes! It's totally the Sarah I first knew!

One family tradition we have is eating Chili and Saltines and Apple Juice.

I love love LOVE fall and Halloween because I like to decorate for it just as much as for Christmas. This year I put up cobwebs around my front door and in my living room and it looks fun and festive! So that's another new tradition for us!

{ Marianne } said...

I love seeing that picture of you and your siblings from way back when. That is how I remember them. Hocus Pocus is the halloween movie classic from our day! Thanks for bringing back good memories!

Hillary said...

Boy those things bring back good memories for me too! We had those exact halloween signs! Wow! I loved getting those out! I am with you Caramel Apples are one of my most favorite treats too! I LOVE HALLOWEEN TOO! I love the picture of you guys! Way too cute!