For the Love...

I've sort of been in a blogging rut lately. I have tried to decide the reason behind this rut.

a. I'm too busy
b. My life is not interesting enough to blog
c. I don't have any cute little kidlings to blog about
d. I'm confused as to why I blog in the first place

It may have been a combination of all the above. To be completely honest, I debated whether or not to just take down my blog all together and forget about it. I was getting tired of feeling like I may not "fit the bill" of the common Utah blogger with an always interesting life and new exciting developments to blog about. I have to admit that sometimes my life just stays. Nothing new or exciting happens. I'm okay with staying. It usually means I'm just doing my best to move forward and add some good to the world along the way.

I've come to the conclusion that I blog for a several reasons: to keep in touch with friends and family, as an outlet for thoughts, favorites, ideas and sentiments; and also as a creative outlet. As well as a place to share projects and ideas. I'm going to continue to blog for these reasons. I will continue to include my friends and family in my blog posts, but I would like to face the fact that this is really my blog. It's basically my perspective on all sorts of things. Enjoy.


Shay said...

Well I'm glad you're staying on the blog-wagon!! You are so creative & I definately think you should keep sharing your talents. I love that I benefit from your creativity (...blog header, stationary)

Amy said...

Hello Sarah! Yes I've been leading the music in primary and subbing in classes for months now. Hopefully I'll have a break soon and can go to RS! I'm glad you have a blog! I personally, love reading about people's lives who are similiar and different, so don't feel bad you don't blog about what everyone else does! Yours is for more interesting to people like me!

Jessica Emily said...

I love your blog, Sar! And I love when you update it! I often feel the same way you do, but keep going because you are so creative and I love knowing what you're doing with your life... even if - like mine - it seems to just "keep going"!

Love ya!

{ Marianne } said...

You better not quit blogging! I love reading your blog and staying in touch with you!