Lucky 7s?

I have been tagged twice. Once with a 3s tag and once with a Lucky 4s tag. I decided to combine them both and call it Lucky 7:

Four Places I go over and over:
-Uppercase Living
-Davis County
-Larsen swimming pool
Four places I like to eat:
-Cafe Rio
-The Spaghetti Factory
-Su Casa
Four Places I would like to be right now:
-On a Beach in the Caribbean
-Europe (Italy, Scotland, Prague)
-Performing in a Broadway Musical
-Mexico City visiting my brother
Four T.V. shows-
-Good Things Utah (on non work days of course)
-The Bachelor/Bachelorette
-Ellen -see # 1
-The News- we really don't watch T.V. much

Three Joys
-My Family: I absolutely love spending time with Travis, my family, and his.
-A Testimony of the Restored Gospel: I don't like to think about who I would
be without knowing what I know.
Three Fears
-Losing someone I love: Although this one is sort of inevitable because it has to happen at some point, I still worry. I think I will always worry. I don't think I would trade it because it means I treasure my loved ones.
-Failing: I don't like to disappoint people and I don't like to mess up. I'm especially hard on myself.
-The Dark...I hate to admit it but I still feel uncomfortable in the dark. I don't sleep with a night light or anything but I keep a flashlight by my bed.
Three Goals
-Finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year
-Learn how to sew
-Have a baby- I might need a little help with this one :)
Three Obsessions
-Blogging and blog stocking: I love it. I have several fashion and design blogs that I check consistently. Maybe I will share my favorites sometime.
-My Job: I feel like this is by default since I work full time, but I really enjoy what I do. In fact, I just got promoted and now I obsess a little more. I talk Travis' ear off all the time about my ideas, projects, and co-workers.
-My husband and my puppy. What can I say-they are my life!
Three Surprising Facts About Me:
-I am such a night owl. I have always been this way. I can never get myself into bed at night.
-For the last 2 years I have eaten every 2 to 3 hrs which is usually about 6 meals a day. This is something I learned from a fitness consultant that helps speed up your metabolism, as long as you're not eating french fries and chocolate every meal, although tempting.
-I'm really competitive. It doesn't matter if it's softball or monopoly. I just like to win and I get a little bit aggressive. Since Travis is competitive too sometimes we can be a bad combination. A couple weeks ago we had a contest to see who could tread water the longest. We must have been treading for over an hour because neither of us would give in. We were both so tired and about to drown but neither of us would lose. Finally Trav's family made us quit at the same time so we didn't make ourselves sick.

I tag....
Heidi, Hillary, Kiera, Shay, Leah, Tami, Elizabeth

Pick which one you like better.


Williamson's said...

I love your treading water story, that is so funny, you guys are so good together. Can I just say I miss you soooo much?! By the way, my goal right now is to learn how to sew also! I have all of these cute ideas in my head of things I want to make...someday.

Heather said...

Sarah- what a fabulous blog. I am enjoying reading through it and learning more about you and Travis. I wanted to appologize about my comment at the neighborhood block party- I'm sure you remember. Very stupid of me to assume. Thanks for the cut - I absolutely LOVE it :)

Heather said...

You keep changing your blog's background and addditions- so jealous... let me know when you have time to teach me the tricks of the trade :)

Elizabeth said...

Very fun post to read. Congratulations on the promotion! What are you doing at your job now?

Sarah said...

I am the training/communication specialist. I train on new concepts and launches. If that makes any sense to you :)