Workin 9 to 5

40 hours a week spent at Uppercase Living. This is the name of the awesome company that I work for. UL is a decoritive lettering Direct Sales company. They offer decoritive designs for your home and they sell their product through Independant Demonstrators that live all over the country. My job is to help the Demonstrators build their business. I talk to so many different people (mostly women) everyday. As you can imagine sometimes talking to women all day can be intense. Sometimes I become a counselor, listener, or comforter. Sometimes I have to blow it off when some one yells at me because they have 2 crying kids are pregnant with a third and have spent all day trying to put an order in for a party that has to close tomorrow due to a cranky hostess' grueling demands. Over all it's a great job and I enjoy making new friends everyday. This past week was so exciting because UL decided to fly out 4 of their Demonstrators to film a short video and then take them to dinner. I was invited to be a chaperone and join them for dinner. It was so fun to finally meet a few of the women I talk to all the time. I had 2 of the funnest ladies in my car and loved hanging out with them and learning about their families. The picture above is of me and my co-worker/friend Cali who happens to be 8 months pregnant, and the 2 women we spent most of the night with. Amy Jo was from Pennsylvania and Deb was from Indiana. I also have the benefit of free and discounted product! Here are some pics of the ones I currently display in my home.

My front door

Design in my guest bathroom

Newest edition to my bedroom


Jess and Justin said...

I know this might be a random thing to point out in your posting, but we totally have those lamps in our bedroom too. Ikea, right? Love it.

I love vinyl! Uppercase Living has such good ideas! My sister and sister-in-law both own vinyl businesses, so free product is definitely a perk! :)

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a pretty fun job (minus the times when people are mean...but, that happens at most jobs). I love vinyl lettering and designs. So cute!

Scott & Marianne said...

That stuff in way cute Sarah! What a fun job. I'll have to start thinking about where that would look cute in my house!

Shay said...

you are in trouble; you were suppossed to call me when you put your decals up so i could help you!

I'm kinda happy for you that you spilled on yourself that day cause your new pink shirt is super cute:)

Leah & Mike said...

That is so fun for you, Sarah! I'm glad they chose you to be the chaperone...you must be the best :) You look so cute and so does your house!

Hillary said...

Your house is so cute! I love the vinyl lettering! I have always wanted to do some of that! Can I order through you?

The Sweet Life said...

I am so excited to find out that you and Lauren are in the same ward! You are so cute, and I am so excited to have another connection, so that we can stay in touch better!
I love your blog! You and Travis make such a cute couple and I am SO grateful that I know you! Let's continue to keep in touch!

Tyson and Heather said...

ooh..fun, thanks for sharing! We're moving to a new apartment so I'm going to have to think of my wall space once we're there. What a fun company!:)