What are sisters for?

Saturday was my little sister's first and last Prom. I was SO excited that she got to go to her Senior Prom before she graduates. I did her hair and make-up which was so fun for me. When her date arrived she suddenly realized she had forgotten to pick up the boutonniere for her date. She felt so bad! I had to think fast, so I ran barefoot over to my parent's neighbor's house. Their front yard was full of fresh tulips and other spring flowers. The neighbors were already outside in their backyard doing yard work. I didn't grow up in the house my parents currently live in, so I'm sure they had no idea who I was. They had their backs turned to me so I said "Hi" really loud and I think I startled them. "I'm Becca's sister, she forgot a boutonniere for her dance....could I maybe pick a flower from your yard?" They were SO nice considering I was a total stranger asking if I could pick one of their flowers! They told me to pick the best flower I could find. I picked a cute little tulip and ran back over to my parent's house. My mom was frantically searching the house for a pin. I ended up finding a safety pin and figured I could make it work. So I stood on my tip toes to reach her dates vest and did the very best job I could to pin the homemade boutonniere on with a safety pin! I told him we found a "special" boutonniere for him. I was laughing so hard once I got the thing pinned on because it truly was the most "special" boutonniere I have ever seen. A little embarrasing for my sister, but...what are older sisters for?


Jess and Justin said...

Oh my dear Sarah. You are so cute. What an awesome spur-of-the-moment idea! You are my hero.
So I miss you lots. I think we need to get together and play. And you can give me fashion tips because just look how freaking gorgeous and stylish you are.

Sarah and Drew said...

How cute is that! Its crazy how old everyone is getting. I remember meeting your sister when she was younger. That flower is so cute and turned out so perfect! Hope all is going well!

Scott & Marianne said...

WOW! High school dances. That brings back a whole lot of memories! Way to save the day Sarah!

Jausi & Skylar said...

Hey Sarah! It's Jausi!
How the heck are ya? I haven't talked to you in years! It's funny how are little sisters became friends in high school too!
Hope everything is going good for you!
add me!

Kim Madsen said...

Sarah! It was so great to hear from you on my blog! And my goodness, how beautiful Becca looks in these photos. I can't believe my little beehive Becca is a senior. Dang I'm old!...and the flower story was so great. Becca's children will love hearing it one day and Aunt Sarah will always be the hero! Hope you're still loving your house--we sure miss you around here. Hugs! Kim

Elizabeth said...

I love the "special" boutonniere. You are always so creative Sarah! Becca looks beautiful! When I see pictures of your sisters on your blog I can't believe how much they have grown up!

Heidi said...

It is fun being a big sister huh? Especially when you are a hairdresser and help them feel beautiful on their special days! You did a great job! And way to save the day! Your awesome! And you look gorgeous in all your pics! I guess it runs in the family - ha ha!

Love you!

Oh, and how sad for your dog! I hope he gets better soon!