Sale Alert!

Hilltop United Methodist Children's and Maternity Consignment sale is this Friday and Saturday! It's my favorite consignment sale of the year! If you've never been, this is the year to go.
To find out more + for times go here.


working behind the scenes

I want to let all those checking in know, that I'm working behind the scenes on somewhat of a blog overhaul. You may have already noticed that I changed my url. I'll explain later what it means and why. I am in hopes that this new blogging project will include lots more thrifted style inspiration as that's what a vast majority of you have responded to the most. I anticipate that it'll also include all the diys swimming through my brain, and a little more writing. Also, of course always, my kids. Until then, here are some recent instagram images of what we've been up to. 1. Rain babies. 2. My little E spent some time at the hospital for a tonsillectomy 3. me 4. thrifted treasures in my favorite bronzey gold color pallet 5. Saturday night Avocado shake 6. my baby girl is a growin!

Here a few of my recent pins too. Just for fun.

the sweetest nursery (the rest of the home aint bad either)

great mini style

fresh face, classic style



I know it's a bit late, but here are a few pictures from the Easter holiday. It's so much fun having holidays with the two kids. I adore it!

Our little family.

This shot was super hard to get! Wiggly babies! ;) Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday too!



Once again, I've been neglectful. I have a lot of new ideas, and I'm working behind the scenes to update my blog. In the mean time, here's what I've been up to.

spring thrifting

St. Patty's Day

warmer days at the park

sporting leapord


watching a baby girl and a big boy get so much bigger in what feels like the blink of an eye.

All photos taken by my phone and enhanced via instagram. @sarahjanelarsen


Modern Family Films at Disneyland (and I'm there to see it)

I'm pretty sure I tweeted, facebooked, and instagramed this picture, so a lot of you have already seen it. On our second day in Disneyland, we were headed over to ride the Jungle Cruise and my husband says "there's your man." I might have a tiny cruch on Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. The security there had them pretty locked down, so this was the best picture I could snag. He gave a little wave in my direction, and then they were off to film at another location in the park. Later that afternoon we saw the filming crew again, and chatted a bit with a couple of them about what it's like working for Modern Family. We saw them film scenes in front of City Hall, and then on our way out, we saw the entire cast filming in front of the park. Sophia was getting her super long hair done, Luke and Lily were filming a scene sitting down together, and Ed O' Neill was yelling things out at the train that was passing by. It was pretty fun to see! Can't wait to watch the episode. There are some other pictures of the cast filming here and an article from the Huffington Post here.


Disneyland Trip

We spent the majority of last week in Disneyland. I have to give my husband credit for making the trip happen. When he first brought the idea to me, I was a bit reluctant. Don't get me wrong, I love Disneyland. I was just concerned about the cost, and wondered whether E was old enough yet to keep any memories of the trip. We decided to go. Who am I to say no to Disneyland? I'm so glad we made the trip. We have some really special memories and pictures that we can show E for a long time to come. It's so hard for me to narrow down the amount of pictures and stories to share! Here are some of my favorite highlights.

Whenever we talked to E about our trip he always said we were going to Disneyland to meet "Mickey and Minnie and Pluto." So it was our goal to make sure he did just that. Mickey can be a tough guy to meet up with. We literally followed him around and annoyed his "keeper" with questions about his schedule. We were promised he would be in the town square "around" 5:30, so we anxiously stayed there awaiting his arrival. As soon as he walked out, Trav bolted towards him with Easton in tote and was in course to be the first in line. I did NOT want to miss a picture moment, so I quickly set my camera and ran to catch up. As you can kind of make out from these pictures, we realized our stroller was rolling down the middle of town square with all of our belongings. We were so caught up in our Mickey moment, that the stroller went completely neglected. It seems that some nice individual grabbed it for us avoiding a collision.

I love how East is entranced with Mr. Mickey.

Easton was a total charmer. I could have died over his nose kissing, kiss blowing antics. I'm positive he had Minnie wrapped around his little finger.

Jessie was no exception. She was obviously smitten.
He showed her he knew a thing or two about "hand" guns.
We had a terrific time at the parade. It was pure magic for a 2 year old boy!

The Toy Story crew was a favorite of course. All on his own, he told me he was going to ask Woody if there was a snake in his boot.

Buzz is a little less interactive. But still among E's favorites. Notice the fixation of the fingers...

As you can tell, the character meet & greets were our favorite. The reaction to all went very similar to this:

He also felt the need to "feel" them.

Notice the instant belly rub.

There is so much more to be told, but I just can't fit it all in, so I made a little mash-up of all my favorite phone/instagram pics.

Other favorites:

Nemo Submarine
Buzz Lightyear/Toy Story rides
Flik's Fun Fair
Pirates of the Caribbean
Ariel's Undersea Adventure

If there was anything I wish we had done, it would have been to take a break in between days. My little E got so worn out (evident in this silly picture that shows me totally into Pluto, and E totally asleep.) A day of rest would have been just the ticket for a little bit more rested enjoyment. Regardless, I will always treasure our little trip. I can't get over what a dreamland they've created over there. No matter how many times I've been, it still blows me away. There's nothing like watching your sweet kiddo get to experience a little bit of magic in a world with what sometimes seems like a lot of disappointment. I loved not having to say don't touch, stop doing that, or that's not a toy, just for a few days.

We sure missed our Hazie baby while we were gone. E brought back a little present to make sure she knew we were thinkin of her. :)


blogger meet & greet

alycia | me | bridget

I met up with a few of my favorite local bloggers last night (and met a few new ones too!) The event was held at Soel Boutique in Provo, and it was a lot of fun! It's always great to interact and exchange ideas with other people who appreciate and enjoy the same things you do. It's also a treat to meet people who actually read the things I write! In chatting, I took away a few little thoughts. 1. Everyone has such a fun and interesting story to tell. 2. It doesn't matter how big or small your blog is in terms of quality of material. Some of my favorite blogs to read and look at are blogs that may not have a large "following" or I don't even really know what their following is. Followers to me becomes so irrelevant in terms of great content and material. Sometimes when I meet other bloggers, they immediately announce that their blog is "small" or "unheard of." There shouldn't be any reason for any of us to play our own talents and dreams down because we feel "small." After all, we all start somewhere. I've learned that comparison kills inspiration that might otherwise be something great. I want to treat my blog like it means something to me, and be confident about what I feel I have to offer. I haven't always done that. 3. Blogging creates a lot of really great opportunities to establish relationships with people you might never come in contact with otherwise. 

PS Everything I wore was thrifted. PPS I wore my hair down for the first time in a really long time. I hate wearing my hair down. Not sure why? It's just always been that way. Ironically, I feel more polished, and more relaxed when I pull it back. I guess that makes me kind of a weirdo.